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sea kayak tyndall
-A first layer, pants and long sleeve shirt is very useful to paddle, always avoid cotton.
-Don’t forget to bring sun protection for your skin, eyes and head. (if you use a hat, choose something good for the wind and keep your glasses safe)
-Use mosquitoes repellent.
-Before and during the navigation Always follow the instructions and decisions of the guide, who sometimes may have to modify a schedule or activity, always for your own safety. (for example in case of bad weather condition)
If you are interested in this program, please contact us to check departure dates.
Email: reservas@tutravesia.com
Phone: +56 61 2691196
Mailing Address: Barros Arana 176, Puerto Natales, Región de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena, Chile
The Program includes:
• Expert sea kayak guide.
• Transportation from Puerto Natales or from somewhere inside Torres del Paine National Park (this must be on the regular route), to the Serrano River area.
• Bernardo O´Higgins National Park entrance fee.
• Navigation ticket Puerto Toro – Puerto Natales+.
• Paddling equipment including drysuit .
• Camping euipment.
• All meals (execpt first day breakfast).
• Transfer back to the Hostal.
The program does not Includes:
• Sleeping bag.
• Excursion individual equipment (technical clothes, cleaning supplies, photographic camera, sunscreen, etc).
Tyndall Glacier Itinerary:
Day 1
Departure in our vehicle from Puerto Natales to the Serrano area, located in Torres del Paine National Park (if you are already in the park, we will pick you up from an agreed location).
On the bank of the Serrano River we will initiate the instruction to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. We will load the kayaks with the necessary equipment and with your luggage. If you have too much (more than a big bag per person) we’ll take it to Puerto Natales where it will remain safe in our offices until your arrival.
The adventure begins. We will paddle to the Serrano fall (a beautiful cascade), where a short walk (200 metres approximately) and portaging (carrying) the kayaks will allow us to avoid the waterfall. We will leave the Serrano River and we start to paddle upstream along the Tyndall River. Sometimes we will have to drag our kayaks on the water using a roped technique called tracking, because of the current and the depth of the river. A beautiful lake will be the first reward for having paddled up the Tyndall.
If the wind permits, we will be able to paddle across the lake to a comfortable sand beach, your tiredness will be forgotten when this place fills you with satisfaction.
A delicious dinner with a magnificent view of the Tyndall Glacier, the virgin and unaltered Patagonia.
* Please be aware that from the beginning to the end of the kayak trip the itinerary may have to be modified owing, of course, to the famous Patagonian wind.
Day 2
A complete breakfast will give us the energy to paddle to the Tyndall glacier. We will arrive at the wall of a glacier more than 12000 years old. After that we start paddling downstream along the Tyndall River. It will be the right moment to appreciate the beauty of the river, in case all that effort prevented us from appreciating it on the way up.
We will be back paddling through the Serrano River and settle our camp in a beautiful and safe place. A good dinner and a good rest will renovate our strengths and allow us to keep enjoying this adventure through the Patagonia wilderness. we will slowly get closer to Monte Balmaceda until we meet with Ultima Esperanza fjord waters. At these same waters, Juan Ladrilleros was intensely searching for some exit to the Atlantic sea (circa 1558). From this point, we have a privileged view from the Serrano Glacier.
We will camp at Puerto Toro for the night, where we will enjoy a delicious dinner with Patagonian wild nature as landscape.
Day 3:
Early in the morning right after our breakfast we will port our kayaks about 30m to Serrano Lagoon (where the Glacier ends). We will paddle alongside with the blue icebergs that break off the huge glacier and we will be back at midday to take a bigger boat that will take us back to Puerto Natales trough Ultima Esperanza fjord that in its journey has an amazing view to Balmaceda Glacier. We will stop at Estancia Perales to have an delicious and traditional roasted lamb. At 18.00hrs we will arrive back to Puerto Natales.

Tyndall Glacier 3 days Sea Kayak trip

Would you like to approach to a glacier of the southern Patagonian Icefield? There will be 3 days and 2 rivers to paddle (Tyndall and Serrano rivers), and then a ferry that will take us back to Puerto Natales. We will see virgin lands, a variety of fauna and flora, approach to a beautiful glacier and feel more than ever the contact with the nature.
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