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Useful tips
A long sleeve shirt and pants of a fast dry fabric for a first layer and wool or another material second layer (always avoid cotton)
Although the instruction is open to begginers we recommend to have some experience.
Your enthusiasm and desire to enjoy an expedition in Patagonia is fundamental.
If you are interested in this program, please contact us to check departure dates.
Email: reservas@tutravesia.com
Phone: +56 61 2691196
Mailing Address: Barros Arana 176, Puerto Natales, Regin de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena, Chile


The Program includes:
Some of the issues included in the instruction are:
Paddling techniques set:
It Focus mostly in the most relevant techniques for the conditions in Patagonia and in all the techniques that you will have to demonstrate for the certification.
We will review a variety of rescues, but we will focus on the most efficient for the wind and surge conditions of Patagonia.
Of great importance in Patagonia, we will review different types and the selection criteria according to the elements that we are exposed to.
We do an instruction so that the participants get to understand the forecasts, to identify risks and have a complete understanding of the terms and informations that can be obtained.
Also we will learn about some signs that can alert us.
Beside of knowing the communication tools and attitudes that will allow you to do a good leadership, you will also have the experience to lead an expedition.
Enviromental responsibility
Techniques so that the places we visit can remain pristine.
The most important issue and therefore the one that we will study the most, we will see the importance of the security before, during and after the expedition. The importance of the contingency plans or B plan, the communication, the constant evaluation of our groups and ourselves.
Guides: Expert instructors with international certification to lead sea kayak expeditions.
Complete sea kayaking equipment, including Kokatat expedition dry suits, single and double sea kayaks, Werner paddles, satellite communication, tents, dry bags, solar panels and others.
All the meals.
acaAmerican canoe associaton (ACA) certification according with your experience.
sea kayak patagonia chileTutravesia certification that will refer to the expedition with the oficial navy authorization and the objective of this.
The program does not includes
Transportation from or to Punta Arenas.
Sleeping bags or mattresses
Clothes for under the dry suit.
TRansportation costs that are not contemplated on the trip or due to an emergency.
Day 1 to 4
Practice in a fixed place of the techniques and skills development of sea kayaking Instruction in issues as weather, navigation, tides, leadership, security and communication.
Days 5 to 24
Long haul expedition with rescue excersises, leadership and instruction.


This program is a real practice of the skills and techniques that should have a person that leads a group of kayakers in Patagonia. To obtain an actual outcome it contemplates a long expedition, during we will exercise the techniques and the leadership and analysis of procedures. Once finished the expedition the participants will have the knowledge and the practice to lead a sea kayak expedition in Patagonia, you will also get an international certification for your level and a certification from Tutravesia that supports the obtained capabilities and the criteria to develop the activity. Althought this instruction is open to begginers, we reccomend that you already have kayaking experience.
Patagonia Sea Kayaking Trips, Torres del Paine, Puerto Natales, Chile


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