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Channel mountains kayaking expeditions
Useful tips:
A long sleeve shirt and pants of a fast dry fabric for a first layer and wool or another material second layer (always avoid cotton)
Don’t forget to bring sun protection for your skin, eyes and head. (if you use a hat, choose something good for the wind and keep your glasses safe)
Protect your camera or any electronic device from Humidity.
Before and during the navigation Always follow the instructions and decisions of the guide, who sometimes may have to modify a schedule or activity, always to ensure your safety. (for example in cases of bad weather conditions
If you are interested in this program, please contact us to check departure dates.
Email: reservas@tutravesia.com
Phone: +56 61 2691196
Mailing Address: Barros Arana 176, Puerto Natales, Región de Magallanes y Antartica Chilena, Chile
The program includes:
Transfer from Puerto Natales.
All the meals
Complete sea kayaking equipment including Kokatak expedition dry suits, double or single sea kayaks, satellite comunication, tents, dry bags and others.
The program does not include:
Transportation from or to Punta Arenas.
Sleeping bag or mattress.
CLothes for under the Dry suit.
Sun Block or mosquitoes repellent.
Cost associated to transportation in case of an emergency.
Mountains channel itinerary (9 to 10 days)
Approximately 230 kilometers of kayaking
In Puerto Natales we load our vehicle and equipment to a barge, that will take us in a 10 minutes trip to the Antonio Varas Peninsula.
Once there we use our vehicle to go over 40 kilometers to get to a shore where we prepare our kayaks to begin the kayaking to the Santa Maria Channel where we will camp.
Day 2
We keep paddling through the Santa Maria Channel with a privileged view of La Paz Mountains.
Day 3
We go inside the Mountains channel where the Sarmiento cordillera shows us all its glaciers and summits. We camp next to the Zamudio Glacier
Day 4
We continue to the Bernal Glacier, after exploring it, we go to the Hermann Glacier, to end up camping in the Alsina Glacier.
Day 5
We continue to the north to the Paredes Glacier, the last glacier that we approximate to.
We continue to the end of the Mountain Channel.
Day 6
We begin our return to through the Mountains channel with a panoramic view of the visited glaciers.
Day 7
Still in the Mountains channel, we continue paddling south looking for the Morla Vicuña passage.
Day 8
We continue through the Kirke passage and the Barros Arana península.
Day 9
We can see some “estancias” that are far away from Puerto Natales in the Barros Arana Peninsula.
Day 10
We will paddle through the Obstrucción Fjord with a privileged view to the Rotunda mount.
End of our paddling, we ge tinto the vehicle that will take us back to Puerto Natales.
End of the services

Mountains channel Expedition (10 days) Sea Kayak Expedition    

If you enjoy long haul paddling, improvise campings and the waves are not a problem for you, this is your program.


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